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Learn Thai online the fast, fun and effective way with a friendly and professional native Thai teacher. I can help you improve your Thai skills and speak REAL Thai from zero to hero.

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thai teacher jennesa


thai teacher jennesa

Why Learn Thai with Jennesa?

If you are struggling with learning Thai that doesn’t get you anywhere… or you cannot find a good resource to learn Thai naturally….
Let me introduce you to a faster and easier way to learn REAL Thai with a native Thai teacher! With my creative learning methods, interesting content, practical and realistic Thai that you will encounter in the real world, your learning journey will be less boring, much more fun and effective!
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My goal is to satisfy my students and their learning progress. I decided to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if my learning methods don’t meet your needs.

Private & Group Thai Lessons

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Thai Lesson Overview

Online Thai lessons for all level learners

🗣️ Speaking 👂 Listening  📖 Reading  ✍️ Writing

I provide Thai lessons for all level learners who want to improve their communication skills in Thai.

  • Read Thai in 2 weeks (A1)
  • Basic Thai conversation for travelers (A1)
  • Thai for the absolute beginner to elementary levels (A1-A2)
  • Thai for intermediate to upper-intermediate levels (B1-B2)
  • Thai for advanced to proficiency levels (C1-C2)
  • A specific goal such as Thai for daily life, Thai for business, Thai slang, advanced reading & writing, grammar, tones/pronunciation guide and more.

My one-on-one lessons are tailored to match your individual goals and interests. I also provide group lessons as well. I design my lessons to build confidence and fluency skills by taking real-life situations that you will encounter in Thailand, practicing the real conversations and focusing on vocabulary, context and pronunciation.

I also provide easy-to-digest materials with the English alphabet to guide you, so you won’t be too overwhelming with Thai scripts if you can’t read them yet! However, Thai script is also provided within the materials per request for those who can read Thai or want to incorporate it into their learning experience and make the use out of it.

Friendly and professional Thai teacher

  • A native Thai speaker with a deep understanding of communications
  • An experienced public relations and integrated marketing communications specialist across various industries
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with first-class honors from Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Friendly and energetic personality with passion for teaching Thai will lift your enjoyable learning experience

Methods and materials

  • Teach REAL Thai as it is spoken in daily life, not outdated textbooks or awkward translation
  • Interactive online private lessons or online group lessons via ZOOM/Skype
  • High-quality and personalized materials with Thai Romanization and Thai script

What students achieve

  • Speak Thai with confidence from absolute beginner to advanced level
  • Gain listening skill and understand Thai when you hear it
  • Not only learn useful Thai phrases but also be able to form your own sentences
  • Understand Thai grammar and "real-life" usage with an easy and clear explanation
  • Expand your Thai vocabulary in daily life (or any topics you are interested in)
  • Get to know more Thai culture and insider tips

Included in packages

  • Free trial lesson
  • One-on-one online private lesson/online group lesson
  • Personalized materials/high-quality materials
  • Practice with exercises and quizzes
  • Answer to all your questions
  • Exclusive feedback and analysis

Start learning Thai with Jennesa today!